The Idolins Olympic Road Trip to Greenwich Park 8th August 2012!!!

Hi All, it’s taken a while to get this blog sorted so apologies for the delay! below are some pics that my lovely hubby Rob Smalley of Scene Photography took for us on our very Special Day!!! We travelled down in convoy and stayed in a wicked penthouse apartment in Canary Wharf!!!!!! Well!! you have to make the most of the Rock n Roll lifestyle when an opportunity like this arises!!! Nothing was thrown from the balcony though!!! we were well behaved!!! We did get drunk and stayed up too late but as we were already in London we got a lie in to sleep it off before heading across London to get our accreditation passes sorted! (Well 3 of us were bright and breezy) unfortunately 2 of the band members were a little worse for wear hahaha! A smooth journey all round and we arrived at Greenwich park dead on time ! Walking into the stadium took our breath away! 25,000 people!!!!! Claud needed the toilet immediately!! HAHA!.  We were shown around the areas that we were to play and then left to our own devices… the crowds flooded out for the lunchtime break The Idolins began their Olympic Picnic Gig to their biggest audience of all time.  It was a wonderful and extremely exciting experience, all you could see was literally a sea of faces looking back at you, an amazing vibe along with bright sunshine too!  Being part of such an amazing Spectator Experience Team was an honour, thank you to Simon Akers for recommending us and also to the organisers of the Spectator Experience Karen, Alice and Tom for looking after us so well! There will be a video put together soon, I just need to work out how to do it!!!! xxxxx LOVE THE IDOLINS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX



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