Live Recording @ Paperstone Studios Nottm 2013!

Karen “Well live recording was an absolutely brilliant experience!! each and every one of us had such a great time, we managed to get 3 tracks recorded and also had it filmed for a behind the scenes music vid to one of the songs on the up and coming EP, which we will let you know about as soon as both EP and VID are ready of course!!!!!  Huge thanks to Tom @ Paperstone and Ad @ Dimension2 and a very big thank you to the band for making it such a pleasurable experience! I love you all!! and cannot wait for the release.”

Claud “No click, no cheats. Simply mic us all up and let it roll. A winters day at Paper Stone Studios. Exhausted, exhilarated and encapsulated. Today captured the true essence of The Idolins live. The best ever recording of Choices. Recording new song, The Dancer was pure pleasure. It’s sounds super beautiful. What would you change sounds triffic!

Hannah “It was a pleasure to work with professionals like Tom and Ad who were relaxed, objective, and supportive.  Great to spend a day with the band, and think to nail three tracks LIVE was a fabulous feat!”

Bar “Really, really enjoyed my studio debut with the super talented Idolins crew. Hoping for lots more soon. Big thanks to Paperstone and Dimension2!”

Here are a few snaps taken on the bands phones while we were there to give you a feel of the day….xxx  The tracks are being mixed as I type !!!!! soooooooo excited !!!!!!! haha!

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