“What a Fabulous, fabulous track that is. Many thanks to BBC radio Nottingham. And good luck to The Idolins. Seasons, just absolutely, love it. ” Bob Harris – BBC Radio 2


Karen Smalley and Claudine West met while playing acoustic music at an ‘open mic night’ in Nottingham.  Then fate took it’s course and there was the creation of acoustic, folk, pop female duo “The Idolins”. Karen the principle songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, Claudine a multi-instrumentalist. The common appreciation of great music, songwriting and that famous twist of fate is what brought this talented duo together…

In the summer of 2010, Nick Scott a close friend of Karen began to show interest in The Idolins and after jamming with them for a while he was asked to join the band along with his acoustic guitar to give Claudine the freedom to explore her instruments live and also bring in the element of male vocal harmony.  So now the trio was born! During the making of their 2nd album “You Said” The Idolins had the pleasure of working alongside some talented students at Confetti ICT. One of these students was Mark Rice, who played an integral role in the production of the album. It came to light that he was an amazing percussionist and so The Idolins asked him to session with them throughout the summer and in February 2012 asked him to join them! He said yes! And then there were FOUR!

In May 2012 Hannah Barrs was slyly recruited into the Idolins family! Karen met her at a street party for the Royal Wedding of Will & Kate in 2011, she is an amazing cellist whom within 1 week of working with us was writing by ear all of those cello parts we’d been missing for so long in many of our songs!!!! And then there were FIVE! Another official addition to our musical family on 21st November 2013, “The Beautiful Bar!” After a conversation at a party about the band, music and singing, we decided to audition this lovely lady as she showed such an intense interest in getting on stage, a dream she’d had for so long.  Immediately showing great skill and dedication, learning harmonies instantly we knew she would fit in perfectly with the Idolins.

In January 2014 Claudine’s road came to an end with The Idolins as she chose pastures new with her music. In December 2016 The Idolins had to say a very sad goodbye to cellist Hannah due to personal commitments, but we hope one day to session with the talented lady again! With losing the beautiful bassy cello The Idolins decided to try something new in line with moving onto full drum kit, so, enter new bassist Dukes! A very old friend of Marks. A lovely talented humble new addition to The Idolins. Welcome.

Now again a talented five piece acoustic, folk, pop act continues to create great music!

“The Idolins are a Nottingham based folk / acoustic pop act who’s sound is built around the beautiful and heartfelt storytelling of Karen Smalley, delivered by ear-catching vocals and finely laced harmonies, across an evocative, melodic musical mix of slithering strings and iridescent percussion.” FolkWords

7-3-18 THE IDOLINS 47