Demon FM Live & Loud Session and Interview

We have just received the interview footage and recording footage from Demon FM Live and Loud.  We had an absolutely wicked time recording 4 tracks live in their studio at DMU last month for their podcast. We showcased one of our new songs “Arms out Wide” and then played one of our old time loves “Truth and Dare” and also the fab “What would you change?” and “Choices” from the recently released live EP.  So much fun! It’s definitely our way of recording.  Quite a strange experience being interviewed though, but I think we pulled it off without too many cringe worthy moments!!!! hahaha xxx take a look, the recordings are now available to listen to below and via our music page, also below is the filmed session of “What would you change?” Thanks to all at Demon FM for your professionalism and also allowing us to be part of Live and Loud and for promoting our music in the Live and Loud Week! much love The Idolins xxxxx






EP Launch Fun!

Hi all! well the EP and vid launch was a huge success, we had an amazing night all round. Huge thanks go out to Amy Dickens of RedRox Projects for organising our night so well, finding amazing support acts for us Alice MacLeod and Ricky Fleming who were absolutely fantastic and very talented young folk!!! Also for doing the decor, postering, flying, marketing, organising Phil Taylor on sound engineering and much more!!! Thanks to Chaz for your keys again, great work! Well done Nick on your guitar solo’s and cymbal work! and generally I say well done to all of the band for working so hard to make it a success and pure enjoyment. Here are a few pics that my hubby Rob took on the night…Now What??? Well we begin writing some new material to add to our collection ready for the summer, but before that we have one more gig at Thoresby Hall this coming Sunday headlining at 2pm so come on down !!!!! Thanks to all of you for supporting us too! it means so much !!!! Don’t forget to check out the video on the Homepage “What would you change?” and we will be in touch with more news soon …. take care folks !!!! much love The Idolins xx

Live EP & Music Video Launch Party 15th Feb 2014!!!!

Hi Everyone, so pleased to say that the Live EP is now complete and available for download @ Band Camp the music video is also ready and we’re really really excited to let you know that we are holding a free entry launch party for both EP and Vid upstairs at Bunkers Hill in Nottingham on Saturday the 15th February 2014. Gonna be a great night!!! We will be gigging with guest artists playing too and also you get to see the video which will be projected for all to see! Come on down guys you know you want to!!!! There will be an event created on Facebook shortly!!!! Thanks to Amy @ RedRox Projects for your help in getting the Party organised.

Again huge thanks go out to Tom @ Paperstone for doing an amazing job recording and mixing the tracks, to JP @ Formation Audio for mastering and a massive thanks to Ad @ Dimension2 for making us such a fab video that reflects the band perfectly !!!!!!! We are all really proud of it!xxxxxxxx


Live Recording @ Paperstone Studios Nottm 2013!

Karen “Well live recording was an absolutely brilliant experience!! each and every one of us had such a great time, we managed to get 3 tracks recorded and also had it filmed for a behind the scenes music vid to one of the songs on the up and coming EP, which we will let you know about as soon as both EP and VID are ready of course!!!!!  Huge thanks to Tom @ Paperstone and Ad @ Dimension2 and a very big thank you to the band for making it such a pleasurable experience! I love you all!! and cannot wait for the release.”

Claud “No click, no cheats. Simply mic us all up and let it roll. A winters day at Paper Stone Studios. Exhausted, exhilarated and encapsulated. Today captured the true essence of The Idolins live. The best ever recording of Choices. Recording new song, The Dancer was pure pleasure. It’s sounds super beautiful. What would you change sounds triffic!

Hannah “It was a pleasure to work with professionals like Tom and Ad who were relaxed, objective, and supportive.  Great to spend a day with the band, and think to nail three tracks LIVE was a fabulous feat!”

Bar “Really, really enjoyed my studio debut with the super talented Idolins crew. Hoping for lots more soon. Big thanks to Paperstone and Dimension2!”

Here are a few snaps taken on the bands phones while we were there to give you a feel of the day….xxx  The tracks are being mixed as I type !!!!! soooooooo excited !!!!!!! haha!

Ever Growing Idolins!!!!!!

Yes we are very pleased to announce that another new member has been born into our musical family.  We would like to introduce Bar! she has the most beautiful voice and a great harmonic skill, you will notice new tones and much more versatility in the live vocal lines from now on!!  We are very pleased to have her on board with us xxxxxxxxxx



Best of Notts Festival 2013

Well we had such a great time at the Best of Notts Fest in the Nottingham Market Square, great to be a part of it and the gig went amazingly… are a few pics from the gig.  We had the pleasure of vocal harmonies from the gorgeous Bar and a great Keys sesh from our session pianist Chaz! Well done guys! x


Our night at the Sir John!

It was a fantastic gig at the Sir John, longest set ever, we played from about 8.30 until 11 with only a half hour break!!! Thanks to the Sir John for having us and giving us free reign and also to our lovely supporters for being there as always! Also another thank you goes out to Chris Harding who came along to help with the sound engineering and extra gear and also a final thank you to band members Mark Rice and Nick Scott for ferrying all the gear around, setting up and packing down!  Another fab gig, bring on the next one at the Alley Cafe 6th June ! can’t wait ….x

The Idolins Olympic Road Trip to Greenwich Park 8th August 2012!!!

Hi All, it’s taken a while to get this blog sorted so apologies for the delay! below are some pics that my lovely hubby Rob Smalley of Scene Photography took for us on our very Special Day!!! We travelled down in convoy and stayed in a wicked penthouse apartment in Canary Wharf!!!!!! Well!! you have to make the most of the Rock n Roll lifestyle when an opportunity like this arises!!! Nothing was thrown from the balcony though!!! we were well behaved!!! We did get drunk and stayed up too late but as we were already in London we got a lie in to sleep it off before heading across London to get our accreditation passes sorted! (Well 3 of us were bright and breezy) unfortunately 2 of the band members were a little worse for wear hahaha! A smooth journey all round and we arrived at Greenwich park dead on time ! Walking into the stadium took our breath away! 25,000 people!!!!! Claud needed the toilet immediately!! HAHA!.  We were shown around the areas that we were to play and then left to our own devices… the crowds flooded out for the lunchtime break The Idolins began their Olympic Picnic Gig to their biggest audience of all time.  It was a wonderful and extremely exciting experience, all you could see was literally a sea of faces looking back at you, an amazing vibe along with bright sunshine too!  Being part of such an amazing Spectator Experience Team was an honour, thank you to Simon Akers for recommending us and also to the organisers of the Spectator Experience Karen, Alice and Tom for looking after us so well! There will be a video put together soon, I just need to work out how to do it!!!! xxxxx LOVE THE IDOLINS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX



The Idolins do the London 2012 Olympics – Greenwich Park

Yes everyone! We have been recommended by a close musical friend to the Organisers of the Spectator Experience at the London 2012 Olympics and they liked us so we are going to LONDON!!!!! whhoooohoooo!!!!  We are playing 2 acoustic sets on the 8th August 2012 within the grounds of the Royal Greenwich Park.  Our first Idolins roadtrip / tour experience and we cannot wait !!!! We’ll post some pics and videos up once we get back! WISH US LUCK!!! xxx